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In the tapestry of time, there exists a chapter of dedication, vision, and unwavering commitment. It’s the story of Bharath Matha College, an institution born on May 26th, 1976, under the watchful eyes of esteemed individuals like Rev. Dr. T T Joseph MA PhD and Very Rev. Father George Paruvanady. Leading the way was Sri. Joseph Putheyedam, a beacon of determination and the Founder Director of this illustrious establishment.


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At the outset, Bharath Matha College embarked on a mission to illuminate minds, offering Kerala University approved classes in PDC, BA, BCom, and MCom. It wasn’t just about education; it was about cultivating brilliance. Distinguished by tutorial and tuition classes guided by experts, this institution was more than a college – it was a nurturing haven of knowledge.


The journey of Bharath Matha College diverged, embracing a new horizon in 1980 with the introduction of nursing and paramedical courses. June 1st marked the commencement of a one-year Medical Laboratory Technician Course, sowing the seeds of excellence. The college nurtured a garden of programs, where the bloom of Diploma in Pharmacy, Diploma in X-ray Technician, and more flourished.

In 1985, recognition under the Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific, and Charitable Societies Act 1955, with registration number K 418/85, validated the commitment that was woven into every aspect of this institution.

A landmark moment graced our journey when a two-year Health Inspector Course emerged in 2005, endorsed by the Paramedical Council, Government of Kerala. This stride not only sculpted careers but also strengthened primary healthcare across the state. As one among 11 Health Inspector Colleges, we crafted a path for job-oriented success.

The tapestry of Bharath Matha College expanded further through affiliation with the National Council of Vocational and Research Training (NCVRT) in 1970. Through this bond, we nurture aspiring hearts in the realms of nursing, medical laboratory technology, and radiography.

Our narrative unfolds with the creation of Bharath Matha College of HealthCare Sciences. In response to the global call for healthcare professionals, we crafted a Nursing and Patient Care Management Course. A one-year voyage that transforms students into global caregivers, recognized in nations like Israel, UK, Canada, and beyond. Certificates adorned with the seal of the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, bear testimony to our commitment.

As we recount our journey, it’s not just a tale of institutional growth; it’s a tale of nurturing dreams, igniting passions, and molding futures. Every step etched with dedication, every achievement celebrated as a beacon of our perseverance.

Join us as we script the next chapter – a chapter that resonates with purpose, a chapter that shapes destinies, a chapter that defines Bharath Matha College.


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